Friday, 6 April 2018



  1. Hi Noah,
    My name is Jack from Panmure Bridge School. I have come across your blog to see some pretty cool posts. In particular, I noticed your Hangi blogpost. Just talking about it makes me hungry. Quick question, have you ever had a Hangi? If not you have to try the food. It is really tasty, and the potatoes are my favourite part.
    Keep Up The Great Work

    - Jack

  2. Kia ora Noah
    My name is Sky from panmure bridge school. I have had a look through your Slideshow a noticed how you layed out your work I loved how you ended your slide show with the end, and like jack said "have you ever had a hangi before? I have and they are yummy and like jack again the potatoes are the best part and the fun thing about making a hangi is that you get to eat your before everyone else.

  3. keep up the good work



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