Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Ruma Tahi Participating & Contributing - SOLO

Ways in which I have participated in and contributed to my learning this week: I participated and collabed with a partner to do are work at home
Ways in which I have participated in and contributed to my environment this week:
I participated in tramping with my class at Kaniere water race walkway. Planting my plant.
Ways in which I have participated in and contributed to my family this week:
I have contributed to my family by doing jobs for them like cooking meals, vacuuming, dishes.
Ways in which I have participated  in and contributed to the local community this week:
I went on a west coast hockey U13 tournament in Christchurch. Contributing in kapa haka as leader.
Ways in which I have participated in and contributed to the global world this week: I have contributed to posting on my blog.

Making Sushi

Wednesday, 12 September 2018


I swing my purerehua in 360 degree infinite loop
It feel likes I have a helicopter motor in my arm
It circles as fast as a raging river.
It sounds like a kereru flying in the forest.
Whoov Whoov Whoov Whoov
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In the year 3555 the sun shone for an hour. Planet Mayhem turned dark and then lit up, purple chemicals reflecting off the liquid surface. The 3 moons come over the mountain in all different shapes, one waxing, waning and one was gibbous. The leader called mayhem jr wore darth vader suit. All you could see were his green eyes and a purple stone triangle on his forehead. The triangle was rotated 180 degrees. Mayhem jr turn around, glancing at soldiers working in his Mayhem stone factory. All of the soldiers looked like him, they just had a diffrent shape two lines with a cross through their forehead. The chemical that shines off the surface is what crafts the mayhem stone chemical runs into the factory the purple chemical that runs in to factory. We collected the mayhem stone and broke it open to use it teleportation. We are going to china earth it has the biggest population. We are going to take over it. Lines and lines of mayhem soldiers get ready to teleport. All of the soldiers land in the capital of China Beijing. Mayhem yells out, “We have to be quick because the army will be on us in second!” What they didn't realise was that the army knew they were coming the army had drones ready full of spray that kills mayhem soldiers as soon as it touches mayhem soldiers they get incinerate into black dust. The mayhem soldier hear the drones the soldiers report back to mayhem jr telling him the spray is killing all of the mayhem soldiers but mayhem jr makes it away back to spaces………..


Wednesday, 5 September 2018

TE URU with 10CH

WALT participate in the learning of others.
Why:building on our transitions to high school
Success criteria: be active participants in a new cultural game.

10 CH from Grey High come to our school.
They wanted to teach us a game.
First off they told us what the game was called, “Te Uru”.  
They taught us how to play and why. We got split into three teams,
each team practiced different skills for 5 minutes then we swapped.

We got given a bib to know what team we were on.
All we could use for the game was our palm to catch the ball and throw the ball.
This game was really fun my team won 3 games.

Next time, instead of having one game, maybe we could have
2 games could be going at once so we don't have to wait to play.